Pictures of Tents and Pavilions in Froissart's Chronicles

Note that although many of the events described in these pictures took place in the 14th century or earlier, the pictures come from a 15th-century ms. and should probably be taken to indicate 15th-century style in pavilioning, armor, etc.

Almost all the tents in these pictures are circular, although the Siege of Duras and the Siege of Reims each shows one or two rectangular tents. Many, but by no means all, have visible guy-ropes. Decoration includes dark colors with painted swirly patterns (e.g. the Siege of Mahdia), dark with painted spiral bands (e.g. the English crossing the Tyne ), and white with painted geometric patterns, often in the same camp (e.g. the Siege of Cassel and the Siege of Reims).

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