Tents in an Anglo-Catalan Psalter

Folio 44v of this manuscript, of which the first 184 pages were illustrated in Canterbury, c. 1200 AD, and the remaining pages were illustrated in Catalonia, c. 1340.

I unfortunately don't have a higher-resolution scan of this, and I hesitate to buy the whole repro manuscript to get it, but this picture shows, as nearly as I can tell, five getelds, with the characteristic ridge-pole extending beyond both ends of the fabric, and the characteristic trapezoidal walls, wider at the ground than at the ridge. Of the two unobstructed getelds, one has blue walls with regularly spaced white spots and red lining, a white ridge pole with blue knobs on the ends, and the other has walls of alternating red and blue stripes, a red ridge pole and blue knobs on the ends. A "bat-wing" effect is clearly visible where the walls are staked to the ground.