The Carlos V Tent

Photos and explanation by Marianne Perdomo Machin, who writes:

The tent is in the Army Museum (Museo del Ejercito) in Madrid. The explanation for this piece said that the tent is traditionally attributed to Charles V but it probably actually belonged to the Portuguese admiral Martim Afonso de Sousa.

It's dated 1542-1545, when Sousa would have been gobernor of the colony in India. It would have been made in Muslim India but they say that similar techniques were used in 15th and 16th Iberia. Sousa's arms are on the entrance awning and Charles V would have added the eagle on top later when he got it as a present. The furniture inside is of a later, non-specified, date.

[Note that the support structure too is modern, designed to set up the tent with minimal footprint on the hard floor of a museum -- S.Bloch]

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