Odo's pedigree

We call him "Odo", but until we adopted him in October, 1996, he went by the racing name of "Banker Beckam". According to the National Greyhound Association, he was born on July 1, 1994 to Beckam Pay Day (sire) and Iama Hot Wings (dam).
Beckam Pay Day Jock's Warrior Unruly Kelly Jones Hoefer
Elsie Jones
Skillful Columba
Wise Katy Share Profit Monalee Champion
Ballybeg Pride
Katy Did Tell Tom
Classy Clema
Twistee Doc Troubles Carry On Westy Whizzer
Bob's Vickie
L.L.'s Zee Caprioled
L.L.'s Zara
CS Dot's Hope Cap Perfecta Caprioled
Super Fan
W.P. Hudenie S.S. Jeno
Tell Veda
Iama Hot Wings BB Crooktail Zam Zam Madison Joe Venerated
Wonder Yet
Puddifoot Master Mover
Alice Trader
Gale Where's Big Boy Westy Whizzer
Cut Off
Liver Lover Prairie Flash
Sunset Daisy
SS Ella K's Flak Onie Jones Hoefer
Elsie Jones
Montague Memory Max Moss
Dear Girl
S.S. Fray S.S. Jeno Venerated
Kitty Hoss
L.L.'s Zuni L.L.'s Delmar
L.L.'s Zara
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