The Brothers Levrier

The Red and the Black

Picture of Odo and Basbeaux sleeping on couchWelcome to our page! We are Odo and Basbeaux Levrier, two goofy greyhounds who live with two occasionally goofy humans named Deborah Peters and Stephen Bloch in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York City.

Odo, the black one, arrived here in early November, 1996. He settled in reasonably well, but was often lonely during the day when both of the aforementioned Goofy Humans were gone (and why they thought they had better places to be during the day than playing with Odo is anybody's guess). So in April, 1997, Basbeaux (the red one) moved in to keep Odo company.

Picture of Odo and Basbeaux playing on baseball field After a few weeks' jockeying for position in the pack, we became good friends, and we enjoy playing together.

Here's a picture of Odo and a Brooklyn greyhound named Corky chasing Basbeaux on the baseball field.

And here we are running in another fenced field in Queens.

Our Mom and Dad went to London, and all we got was a picture of a pub sign.

But when they went to Minnewaska State Park (near New Paltz), they were allowed to bring us with them. We walked all over the park, and snoofled a lot of trees.

And a few pictures of both of us running around in the early-morning mist on a camping trip. (Yes, the field was fenced!)

On October 15, 2003, Odo's race ended. As of this writing, Basbeaux is still with us, still beautiful, and still goofy.

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